Associate Member Council (AMC)

The NRF Associate Member Council (AMC), established in 1995, is a select committee of NRF Associate Members — providers of goods and services to the retail industry.

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This council of Associate Member companies meets annually and via conference call to ensure the needs of NRF's growing Associate Member base are met, and to provide feedback to NRF regarding the needs of retailers and how NRF can better meet those needs.  

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A dedicated NRF Connect channel has been created for the Associate Member Council.

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AMC Members

  • Douglas Weich - CEO, Sophelle (Chairman)
  • Dean Hillier - Partner, Consulting, Deloitte (Vice-Chairman)
  • Hedgie Bartol - Retail Business Development Manager, Axis Communications
  • Cheryl Caudill - Global Industry Marketing, IBM Corporation
  • Tom Custer - VP, Marketing & Client Development, Interbrand
  • Robert Depp - VP, Brand Strategy & Retail Environents, FRCH Design Worldwide
  • Mara Devitt - Senior Partner, McMillanDoolittle, LLP
  • Paul do Forno - Director, Deloitte Digital, Deloitte LLP
  • George Eberstadt - CEO, TurnTo Networks
  • Deanna Kaufman - Manager Solutions, Fedex
  • Rick Kenney - Director, Strategic Initiatives, Salesforce
  • Stephen Longo – VP, Strategic Initiatives, CAP Index, Inc.
  • Tom Rittman - VP, Marketing, The Retail Equation
  • Meyar Sheik - CEO, Certona
  • Stephen Sparrow - Director of Marketing, Retail, SAP Retail
  • Brad Tracy - Global Retail Segment Manager, Hewlett-Packard
  • Frank Weil - Chief Customer Officer, Kliger-Weiss Infosystems
  • Steve White - VP, Commerce Strategy, Razorfish
  • Mike Witty - Director, Retail/CPG Digital Practice, Information Services Group
  • Bernardine Wu - CEO, FitForCommerce

Who we are

The AMC is open to NRF associate member companies who have been members for five years and who are either;

  • Elected to the AMC and the NRF Board by the Associate Membership,
  • Appointed to the AMC by the Board of Directors, or
  • Invited to serve by majority vote of AMC

The AMC Content, Communications, and Community Subcommittees are open to all associate members, regardless of length of membership.


What we do

The purpose of AMC is as follows:

  • Giving a voice to Associate members of NRF. This group will strengthen the Associate member value proposition for the participating companies specifically, and for the member segment in general.

  • Assisting and extending NRF’s influence. This group will serve as our eyes and ears in the marketplace and provide us with feedback regarding other membership groups, trade shows, and service organizations that market their services to retails and retail vendors.
  • Ensuring that NRF consistently serves all provider segments. This will better position NRF when segments experience economic downturns that could negatively impact member renewals. Where possible members who are also members of each of NRF’s divisions have been recommended.
  • Serve as the “think tank” for providing feedback, resources, and leadership wherever appropriate on projects.

Get involved

AMC has three subcommittees we encourage Associate members to participate on (open to all members):

  • Content Subcommittee. This group helps the NRF research team decide which submissions will be labeled as “Editor’s Pick” and posted to the NRF Retail Library.
  • Communications Subcommittee. This group’s primary goal is to increase engagement among Associate members by providing a feedback channel for members, producing semi-annual newsletters, and fostering a social dialogue on NRF’s Associate Member Forum LinkedIn group.
  • Community Subcommittee. This group fosters a sense of community among new Associate members through the “welcome wagon” and networking gatherings or “Town Halls” at NRF community events like Retail's Big Show, NRF PROTECT and
  • Get involved! Sign up to participate on one of these subcommittees today by contacting