Loss Prevention

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Loss Prevention

NRF’s loss prevention community works with retail LP and AP professionals, law enforcement and government agencies to protect retailers, people, assets, reputations and brands. Browse resources and read the latest articles and press releases related to loss prevention.


June 4-6, 2024
Long Beach, CA

NRF PROTECT is where industry leaders come together to acquire a unified and holistic approach to collectively address retail crime.

Organized Retail Crime: An Assessment of a Persistent and Growing Threat

Conducted in partnership with K2 Integrity, this comprehensive report provides a detailed assessment of U.S.-based ORC groups, their tactics and techniques for theft and resale and their linkages with other types of organized crime.

Organized Retail Crime

Organized retail crime is on the rise, and NRF has stepped up its efforts to have Congress address the issue. Learn more about how NRF advocates for legislative proposals that would be effective in fighting retail crime.

Retail crime
Retail security camera to capture organized retail crime.
Fight Retail Crime Day

October 26
The surge in organized retail crime is significantly impacting consumers, retailers, workers and the communities they serve. In response to this crucial issue, NRF has designated October 26 as Fight Retail Crime Day — an annual event that mobilizes the entire retail business community to advocate for effective solutions in combating this problem.

National Retail Security Survey 2023

This year’s study found that the average shrink rate in FY 2022 increased to 1.6%, up from 1.4% in FY 2021. When taken as a percentage of total retail sales in 2022, that shrink represents $112.1 billion in losses. The report also examines drivers of shrink, the increased threat of violence associated with retail crime and other priorities.

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Looking for tools on retail safety and security? Access NRF’s resources including active shooter and emergency preparedness reports.

Retail safety and security tools

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Loss Prevention Council

This invitation-only council is composed of senior LP executives who discuss common problems in LP and share new ideas on product and program results. 

Additional NRF councils for loss prevention professionals include: 

Loss prevention at small retailer
Fraud Council

The NRF Fraud Prevention Professionals Working Group brings together retail leaders with responsibility for fraud prevention to discuss their companies’ digital and in-store fraud prevention strategies and operations.