Olaplex stays focused on the consumer

Retail Gets Real episode 271: CEO JuE Wong on growing a hair care brand for the future

Join us at NRF Nexus 2022 to learn more about latest innovations in customer experience and retail technology.

Olaplex CEO JuE Wong is an intentional risk taker who leads the hair care brand with a focus on the needs of the consumer and a commitment to consistency. Her ideology is based on letting the consumer direct the business, letting data provide information, and producing innovations based on consumer need rather than what companies think the need should be.

The retail industry continues to change dramatically, forcing companies to evolve and innovate. As pandemic restrictions lifted, consumers began using digital technology to enhance experiences with the products they use every day. Looking at the future of the industry, Wong says the intersection between technology and physical space will remain increasingly relevant.

Tune into this episode to hear Wong discuss her career journey, the power of digital technology, and the future of the Olaplex brand and hair industry.

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