Policy Issues

Retail supports one in four American jobs and drives a large percentage of job creation. The retail industry’s policy agenda is focused on the economy, jobs, innovation and consumer value.

As the nation’s largest private sector employers, decisions made every day in Washington have a profound impact on retailers’ ability to do business and serve their customers. But the impact is bigger than just retail. These issues are vital to the overall economic competitiveness and growth of the United States, making the actions taken by Congress and federal agencies even more critical.

NRF’s policy agenda calls on Congress and the administration to do the following:

Employees working in warehouse store
Invest in U.S. jobs

Implement tax policy that makes U.S. companies competitive in the global economy and provides a level playing field among all sectors of the economy and all sectors of retail.

Related issues include:

Open markets for consumer goods

Tear down trade barriers that drive up prices for American shoppers and limit export markets for American companies, and end regulations that artificially drive up prices.

Related issues include:

Woman on phone drinking Starbucks coffee at coffeeshop
Overhead shot of freeway outside of San Diego
Modernize U.S. infrastructure

Improve and expand the current transportation system in order to end bottlenecks and inefficiencies and make it easier for American companies to grow and be competitive.

Related issues include supply chain infrastructure.

Support workforce investment

Support jobs and economic growth rather than union organizers and expensive new regulations and mandates. Related issues include:

Teaching a class
man holding a drone
Foster innovation

Work with retailers to improve credit and debit card security through agreed-upon standards rather than bank-issued mandates, protect privacy while still being able to give consumers a personalized shopping experience, block frivolous lawsuits that interfere with technological innovation, and update laws to fight organized retail crime.

Related issues include: