Vote Retail in 2022

Now more than ever, making your voice heard by voting is critically important. Lawmakers in Washington are considering issues that have a profound impact on retail and will be responsible for creating policies to drive the retail industry’s success. Remember to vote retail when choosing your elected representatives on Election Day.

Know the candidates

See which candidates are on the ballot in your area and check the voting records of incumbents to see how they voted on key legislation that impacts retailers.

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Know the issues

Learn more about retail’s key issues and educate yourself on which candidates most closely align with NRF’s policy agenda focused on the economy, jobs, innovation and consumer value.

Know your rights

Federal law does not require employers to provide time off to vote, but many individual states and corporations do. More employers have begun offering paid time off to vote since the 2020 election. Check out this comprehensive list of states with election day work-leave policies.


Your voice matters

Whether you vote via absentee ballot, early in-person or on Election Day, remember to VOTE RETAIL!

Get involved

Volunteer at your local precinct! Elections across the country are always in need of election day poll workers. Poll workers are essential to making sure everyone has an equal opportunity to vote in November. Many states will offer monetary stipends when you volunteer your time to work at your local precinct. Check how what is required and how you can sign up to work your local election here.

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