Scorecard, 114th Congress (2015-2016)

Legend: = supports NRF's position; = opposes NRF's position; = absent; blank = no data;
Name H.R.
Baldwin, Tammy S. (D-Wisconsin)
Barrasso, John A. (R-Wyoming)
Bennet, Michael F. (D-Colorado)
Blumenthal, Richard (D-Connecticut)
Booker, Cory A. (D-New Jersey)
Boozman, John N. (R-Arkansas)
Brown, Sherrod C. (D-Ohio)
Cantwell, Maria E. (D-Washington)
Capito, Shelley Moore (R-West Virginia)
Cardin, Benjamin L. (D-Maryland)
Carper, Thomas R. (D-Delaware)
Casey, Robert P. (D-Pennsylvania)
Cassidy, William M. (R-Louisiana)
Collins, Susan M. (R-Maine)
Coons, Christopher A. (D-Delaware)
Cornyn, John (R-Texas)
Cotton, Thomas B. (R-Arkansas)
Crapo, Michael D. (R-Idaho)
Cruz, Rafael Edward (R-Texas)
Daines, Steven D. (R-Montana)
Durbin, Richard J. (D-Illinois)
Ernst, Joni K. (R-Iowa)
Feinstein, Dianne G. (D-California)
Fischer, Debra (R-Nebraska)
Gillibrand, Kirsten E. (D-New York)
Graham, Lindsey O. (R-South Carolina)
Grassley, Charles E. (R-Iowa)
Heinrich, Martin T. (D-New Mexico)
Hirono, Mazie K. (D-Hawaii)
Hoeven, John H. (R-North Dakota)
Johnson, Ronald H. (R-Wisconsin)
Kaine, Timothy M. (D-Virginia)
King, Angus S. (I-Maine)
Klobuchar, Amy J. (D-Minnesota)
Lankford, James P. (R-Oklahoma)
Lee, Michael S. (R-Utah)
Manchin, Joseph (D-West Virginia)
Markey, Edward J. (D-Massachusetts)
McConnell, Addison Mitchell (R-Kentucky)
Menendez, Robert (D-New Jersey)
Merkley, Jeffrey A. (D-Oregon)
Moran, Gerald W. (R-Kansas)
Murkowski, Lisa (R-Alaska)
Murphy, Christopher S. (D-Connecticut)
Murray, Patricia L. (D-Washington)
Paul, Randal H. (R-Kentucky)
Peters, Gary C. (D-Michigan)
Reed, John F. (D-Rhode Island)
Risch, James E. (R-Idaho)
Rounds, Marion Michael (R-South Dakota)
Rubio, Marco A. (R-Florida)
Sanders, Bernard (I-Vermont)
Schatz, Brian E. (D-Hawaii)
Schumer, Chuck (D-New York)
Scott, Timothy E. (R-South Carolina)
Stabenow, Deborah A. (D-Michigan)
Sullivan, Daniel S. (R-Alaska)
Tester, Jon (D-Montana)
Thune, John R. (R-South Dakota)
Tillis, Thomas R. (R-North Carolina)
Warner, Mark R. (D-Virginia)
Warren, Elizabeth A. (D-Massachusetts)
Whitehouse, Sheldon (D-Rhode Island)
Wicker, Roger F. (R-Mississippi)
Wyden, Ronald L. (D-Oregon)

On the Cloture Motion H.R. 1314 (5/22/2015)

This was a procedural vote to allow the Senate to move forward with consideration of Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). 
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On the Conference Report H.R. 22 (12/3/2015)

H.R. 22 encompassed provisions from H.R. 3763, the Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform Act of 2015, that included major reforms that would strengthen the nation’s freight infrastructure - a key priority for the retail industry that moves hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of merchandise each year.  back to top...

On the Conference Report H.R. 644 (2/11/2016)

As known as the Customs Bill, this legislation authorizes funding for U.S. Customs and Border Protection. back to top...

On Passage of the Bill H.R. 1314 (5/22/2015)

H.R. 1314 establishes Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), which sets negotiating objectives for the President in free trade agreements, provides enhanced transparency and oversight of negotiations and provides for an up or down vote in Congress.  back to top...

On Passage of the Bill H.R. 2 (4/14/2015)

H.R. 2 is a bipartisan compromise that fixes how Medicare pays for doctor services. It also included solid NRF-supported Medicare reform measures and reauthorizes the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for two years. This good government measure impacts retail as it is a marker of constructive reform that will encourage future bipartisan action on changes to the Affordable Care Act.  back to top...

On the Joint Resolution S.J.Res. 8 (3/4/2015)

This resolution would allow Congress to essentially nullify the ruling of December 2014 from the National Labor Relations Board that shortens the timeframe for union representation elections to as little as 14 days.  back to top...

On Passage of the Bill H.R. 3762 (12/3/2015)

This legislation would repeal the Affordable Care Act, including the components that adversely affect the retail community: the employer mandate, the Cadillac Tax and automatic enrollment provisions. back to top...

On the Motion (Motion to Concur in the House Amendments to the Senate Amendment to H.R. 2029) (12/18/2015)

This is the combined Omnibus appropriations bill and tax extenders package.  Included are:15 year depreciable life for retail, restaurant and leasehold improvements and new restaurant construction is made permanent; bonus depreciation is extended for 5 years, but phased out during that time period; Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is extended for 5 years and is modified beginning in 2016 to apply to employers who hire long-term unemployed individuals, with an increase in the credit amount for those hires; and Section 179 expensing for small businesses is made permanent.  The legislation also included a two-year delay of the so-called Cadillac Tax on high value health and benefit plans. back to top...

On the Cloture Motion H.R. 2029 (12/18/2015)

This motion allowed for the Senate to proceed to voting on the Omnibus and tax extenders package. back to top...