Designing the store for a digital-first consumer

While the vast majority of retail purchases still happen in a store, how a store looks and acts is quickly changing. Zivelo CEO Healey Cypher says that as the digital landscape continues to evolve, it’s changing the way always-connected consumers expect to engage in the physical world. But the “store of the future” may not be what you think. Rather than robots and overt tech that interrupts the experience, the really exciting evolution is happening in the behind-the-scenes tech that simply makes the store and its associates smarter.

With a background that includes innovations like the interactive mirrors found at Rebecca Minkoff and Ralph Lauren, Cypher is helping create the tech that brings the best of the online world into physical retail. On this “best of” episode of NRF’s Retail Gets Real podcast, Cypher discusses what retail will look like in the future and how Zivelo is working with retailers today.

Listen to the episode or read more in the original blog post when this episode first ran on Retail Gets Real in October 2018.

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