Elevate your voice with RetailPAC Direct

NRF introduces a new era of political giving

Every day on Capitol Hill, federal policymakers debate laws and craft regulations that directly impact the retail industry. NRF’s advocacy program has a straightforward mission to share retail’s story with these policymakers, support policies that allow retail to succeed and support candidates who are pro-growth, pro-business and pro-retail. To further our political impact, this year NRF launched RetailPAC Direct, a direct-to-candidate, non-partisan, giving program.

RetailPAC Direct gives every retail advocate the ability to show their support for lawmakers who advance policies that enable retail to succeed. You do not have to be a current NRF member or RetailPAC member to take part in this brand-new program. By participating in RetailPAC Direct, you can make your voice heard by individually contributing personal funds directly to NRF’s Congressional Retail Champions or your local lawmakers with one simple click.

NRF RetailPAC Direct

Learn more about how to participate in NRF’s RetailPAC Direct giving program.

NRF’s Congressional Retail Champions sponsor bills and provide key votes for our legislative priorities to advance retailers’ priorities. These policy advancements help retailers and entrepreneurs create jobs in their communities and encourage a vibrant, sustainable and healthy retail sector. Key issues include improving the supply chain, protecting consumer data privacy, fighting organized retail crime, reforming our broken immigration system, investing in the workforce and preserving the corporate tax rate.

We need your help to amplify retail’s voice. Through RetailPAC Direct, together we can ensure that competing, well-financed interest groups do not overshadow retail’s voice.

Join us as we innovate the future of political giving and leverage a new way to enhance our 52 million retail voices so Congress hears them. Real change only happens when we work together.

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