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How PGA TOUR Superstore is welcoming new golfers

Retail Gets Real episode 269: CMO Jill Thomas on building an inclusive store experience

Golf has seen a recent surge of growth due to COVID-19 and its unique position as an outdoor activity that is social distancing-friendly.

PGA TOUR Superstore Chief Marketing Officer Jill Thomas wants to continue fostering interest in the sport and attracting people from diverse backgrounds. Creating an inclusive environment that is welcoming to avid golfers and curious newcomers alike is what Thomas sees as the company’s path to future growth.

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“I would say two and a half years ago, 90 percent of the people who came through the front door were pretty avid golfers, so you could kind of shortcut your language and shortcut the experience because you knew exactly what they were looking for,” Thomas said.

“But today we have to be a little more intentional when somebody comes to the store and really try to understand what brought them in today and how we can help them.”

PGA TOUR Superstore hopes to make customers feel a part of the sport through the store experience. “That’s the role we really want to play,” Thomas said. “We’re your friend in golf, we’re your partners and we’re here to help you, inspire you to play your best.”

Listen to the full episode to learn more about how PGA TOUR Superstore is expanding the world of golf through strategic in-store experiences.

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