How to retain and recruit talent in a tight labor market

Retail is growing, sales are performing, companies are adapting and jobs are changing — but in today’s tight labor market, both recruitment and retention can be a big issue for a lot of retailers. This week on Retail Gets Real, our guests are in the business of helping people find jobs and helping businesses find the right person. Indeed’s Director of U.S. Marketing Carmen Bryant and Economist Daniel Culbertson joined the podcast from NRF 2020: Retail’s Big Show to discuss the current labor market and share insights from Indeed’s unique dataset.

Indeed is one of the world's top job sites, with 250 million visitors per month — but it does a lot to help employers too. “A lot of it, for us, is really about working with employers to make sure that they are positioned to be able to find the absolute best talent, regardless of the industry,” Bryant says. “We really like to mine our data and our insights and our information to think about how we can provide best practices and really actionable insights to people that are trying to get talent in a pretty tight labor market.”

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Indeed has access to millions of job searches, job postings and resumé information — and, for an economist like Culbertson, “that's essentially a giant pile of labor market data. So, we use that to see what sort of insights we can tease out about the labor market and the overall economy.” To see some of the research being done by the Indeed Hiring Lab, head to

Listen to the full episode to learn more about how Indeed is using data to help retailers, what content attracts the best candidates and more. And to learn more about what happened at NRF 2020, head over to

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