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The NRF Retail Law Summit is the right resource for an evolving industry
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NRF hosted the Retail Law Summit 2023 in March, which convened top industry experts for virtual sessions covering the latest topics in retail law. Each day’s content is focused on a key area of interest — employment and labor law, consumer protection, and technology — and will provide vital information on the crucial topics retailers are navigating as the industry continues to evolve.

Retail in-house attorneys, risk and compliance officers, HR and other professionals who counsel their organizations on law-related matters will hear from a lineup of retail legal experts including Macy’s Chief Legal Officer Elisa D. Garcia, J.Crew’s Chief Legal Officer Stacy Siegal and Professor Barbara Kolsun from Cardoza School of Law, who was the first general counsel for brands like Kate Spade and 7 For All Mankind.

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On the first day, we’re delving into workforce and workplace matters that are top of mind for retailers everywhere. From workplace violence to diversity and immigration issues in employment, three virtual sessions will cover some of the most pressing issues of our time. They’ll also provide tips and best practices to help retail legal, risk, compliance and HR teams navigate these issues successfully.

Day two is all about lessons in consumer protection and what retailers need to know about dealing with unprecedented federal regulations and litigation threats. These sessions will offer practical and actionable advice on reducing litigation risks and staying on the offensive when it comes to federal agencies and their regulatory agendas.

The last day is focused on the legal impacts of retail technology. As advances in technology have revolutionized the industry, organizations must stay current on emerging trends in privacy law as well as other vital polices and standards that are shaping the e-workplace. These final three sessions will cover legal insights on cutting-edge retail technology and the legal and HR processes and protocols necessary to optimize these opportunities while mitigating significant risks.

The NRF Retail Law Summit 2023 ran from March 7-9. The event included top industry experts sharing insights on the latest issues in retail law, including employment and workforce, privacy, litigation and artificial intelligence.

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