Meet The List of People Shaping Retail’s Future 2022

Retail Gets Real episode 245: Wisdom from leaders at Chewy, CVS, Five Below, McDonald’s and The RealReal

Leaders at Chewy, CVS, Five Below, McDonald’s and The RealReal made the NRF Foundation’s 2022 List of People Shaping Retail’s Future, a dynamic group of leaders who have dedicated their careers to building better lives and stronger communities, and who will be recognized at the NRF Foundation Honors on April 13, 2022. The honorees include:

NRF Foundation Honors

Since 2015, the Honors has raised the funds to continue to provide programs and resources that connect people to an industry that’s a great place to start and grow. Join us April 13, 2022 in New York City and be a part of the story of how retail builds extraordinary careers.

  • Five Below Inc. President and CEO Joel Anderson
  • McDonald's Corporation President and CEO Chris Kempczinski
  • CVS Health Executive Vice President and CVS Pharmacy President Neela Montgomery
  • Chewy Inc. CEO Sumit Singh
  • The RealReal Founder and CEO Julie Wainwright

Over the past few weeks, the NRF Foundation asked each honoree 20 questions, ranging from the future of the industry to critical decisions they made throughout the pandemic, retail’s place in the community, and more.

For many retailers, the pandemic’s immediate and stark economic impact triggered a dramatic shrink in operations for the first time in their history. How did they weather the storm of COVID-19 and what are their plans to keep moving forward amidst the new normal?

Listen to the full episode to hear newfound and hard-earned wisdom from these retailers and how they see the industry’s past, present and future.

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