Mother’s Day 2024 is all about the classics

With a return to timeless gifts like flowers and special outings, consumers plan to spend an average of $254 per person to celebrate the moms in their lives
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Mother's Day Spending

Explore more and see how Americans plan to celebrate mom on her special day this year.

Mother’s Day is May 12 and consumers are ready to celebrate mom on her big day. They plan to spend an average of about $254 per person on the holiday — $33.5 billion in total, according to NRF and Prosper Insights & Analytics’ annual Mother’s Day survey. That marks the second-highest spending expectations in the survey’s history, just behind last year’s record-shattering results. Read on for more insights into how consumers are making this day special for the moms in their lives.

Classics for a reason

While moms may claim “it’s the thought that counts,” savvy shoppers know that planning a special outing or sending a bouquet of flowers or a handwritten note can go a long way toward making her feel special. While big-ticket items like jewelry or electronics are still the biggest areas of spending, they’ve dropped in popularity compared with last year; consumers are most likely to be focusing on traditional items like flowers, cards and a special outing.

In fact, a record three-quarters of those celebrating Mother’s Day plan to send flowers, and spending on a Mother’s Day dinner or brunch is also reaching new highs. So, pick up some mums for your mum, write a heartfelt note, and book a spa day or brunch reservation to celebrate the special people in your life this Mother’s Day.



Competing for that favorite child spot?

While traditional gifts still hold strong, many consumers — particularly those under the age of 45 — admit that their approach to celebrating Mother’s Day has shifted since the pandemic. Whether their family has evolved and they’re celebrating more people than they were before, adding new traditions to mark the occasion or focusing on more “splurge” items, these Gen Z and millennial-aged shoppers also happen to be the biggest spenders.

Shoppers under the age of 25 plan to spend $42 more on average than the typical consumer. But it’s those between the ages of 25 and 44 who are really looking to take home the top place in mom’s heart, budgeting between $80 and $90 more on average for the holiday. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they are also the age group still looking to make the biggest splash with big-ticket purchases like jewelry and electronics.



Delivering inspiration

It’s no surprise that these big shoppers are the age groups most influenced by retailers when out shopping for Mother’s Day gifts. And retailers are delivering, helping people find special items and experiences to bring smiles to moms’ faces everywhere.

Retailers like 1-800-FLOWERS and Hallmark are go-to spots for the most classic Mother’s Day gifts. Meanwhile, marketplaces like Etsy have plenty of made-to-order gifts available to give something even more specific to your mom. For those who might want to go the do-it-yourself route (or have a crafty, hands-on kind of mom), Michaels or Joann both have classes available to make something extra special for the extra special mom in your life.



For more information on how consumers are celebrating Mother’s Day, visit NRF’s Mother’s Day headquarters.

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