Millennials — those born between 1981 and 1994 — shop differently than other generations of consumers. Browse NRF's original content about this 'disruptive' generation, including blog posts and research insights.

a family is shown in the kitchen after grocery shopping
Millennial parents shop differently than other parents
Episode 66: Parents from two generations ponder NRF’s research into consumer behavior.
a mother and a father walking their toddler baby
3 ways retailers can meet the wishes of Millennial moms and dads
NRF’s research team identifies retail trends for young parents.
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three women are walking at an outdoor shopping center with shopping bags
A new kind of customer: What’s driving retail evolution
Episode 47 of Retail Gets Real: NRF’s Director of Research on generational differences in shopping habits.
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Boxes and bottles from Brandless
How Brandless is reimagining modern consumption
Episode 74: CEO Tina Sharkey thinks better quality shouldn’t cost more.
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