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NRF is recognized as one of the first ISAOs (Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations), which were established by President Obama’s Executive Order 13691.

Through information sharing, research, education, networking and advocacy services, NRF helps members collaborate with their peers in the retail sector and advance their own cybersecurity programs so they can better protect themselves and their customers from cyber threats.

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Data Security
NRF is committed to finding broad, long-term solutions to ensure that sensitive consumer information is protected.
Theresa Payton speaks at NRF Protect in Dallas
Cybersecurity for business and life: A guide from a former White House CIO
Episode 64 of Retail Gets Real: Theresa Payton on how to protect information online.
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The real world of loss prevention
Episode 53 of Retail Gets Real: “It’s so much more than catching the bad people.”
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The IT Security Council is a CIO Council committee that provides a forum for retail security leads to collaborate and exchange information, as well as educate policymakers on combating data theft and breaches.

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