Decoding the personalization paradox

5 keys to delivering tailored experiences at scale
Decoding the Personalization Paradox

Produced jointly by GfK and the National Retail Federation, the white paper, “Decoding the Personalization Paradox,” helps retailers and brands apply personalization at scale. Download* the report to learn more about consumers’ needs, desires and concerns about targeting and personalization and how marketers can use this information to guide smarter decision-making as they ramp up one-to-one marketing.

Sample findings:

  • 90% of Americans report at least one major source of stress in their lives — suggesting a need for time-saving, personalized solutions
  • 50% of U.S. consumers report the brands they buy are an expression of themselves
  • 63% of millennials like when a website keeps track of their activities and makes recommendations to them
  • 58% of all consumers are increasingly skeptical about trusting technology

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