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The coronavirus pandemic is dramatically affecting businesses all over the world including the retail industry. To support retailers, NRF’s technology, research and consulting industry partners are providing free or discounted resources and guidance. This includes tools, strategic insights, products and services and more to help retailers navigate through the current environment.  

The below listing includes: webinars; research and consumer insights; free products and services; and discounted products and services in the following categories:

  • Supply chain and logistics  
  • Store operations 
  • Marketing 
  • Ecommerce 
  • Technology 
  • Legal 
  • HR and talent 
  • Loss prevention and security  
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Customer experience 
  • Small business 
  • Other product categories 
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McKinsey & Company Talent Exchange Free products and services Supply Chain & Logistics;Store Operations The Talent Exchange is a free talent matching platform to help furloughed employees find temporary job opportunities with partnering companies who are looking to hire. The platform has launched with several companies onboarded across Retail, Hospitality, and Travel and includes >600K open jobs and growing across the US and Canada.
SAP Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse Free products and services Store Operations;HR & Talent The Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse helps you understand if your employees have what they need to succeed in the remote work environment. If there was ever a time for understanding how your employees are feeling, and taking proactive steps to respond to their needs, this is the time! The new "on-site and remote work" pulse works across many industries, and with just a few tweaks can help retailer and brand HR and Operations teams speak to their employees, leveraging company specific terminology and tone. This video has a short retail introduction, followed by an on-boarding and mini-best practices.
SAP Customer Confidence Pulse Free products and services Marketing;Customer Experience The COVID-19 Customer Confidence Pulse by Qualtrics is a pre-built solution that helps organizations monitor customer expectations and capture feedback in real time, so they can know what to stop, start and continue in order to maintain strong relationships with customers and business continuity.
SAP Brand Trust Pulse Free products and services Marketing;Other product categories The COVID-19 Brand Trust Pulse by Qualtrics helps assess consumers’ trust in your brand based on best practices from the world’s most trusted brands in times of crisis. Quickly identify and prioritize the actions your organization can take to earn and maintain trust.
SAP Supply Continuity Pulse Free products and services Supply Chain & Logistics;Finance Supply Continuity Pulse by Qualtrics helps buyers analyze the risk of potential disruptions to their supply chains. SAP Ariba and Qualtrics technology can help business leaders identify potential supply constraints, gauge business continuity and recovery plans, and offer assistance to suppliers
SAP Thriving in the New Normal Free products and services Store Operations;HR & Talent Learn effective ways to work remotely and manage your well-being. In partnership with Thrive Global, our goal is to provide a trusted destination that delivers insights and Microsteps we can all take - as individuals, teammates, managers, leaders; and as friends, siblings, parents, and even children.
SAP Connecting Buyers and Suppliers Free products and services Supply Chain & Logistics;Finance With the largest business network in the world, SAP wants to help ensure that your supply chain remains unbroken. With free access to SAP Ariba Discovery, you can post your sourcing needs and get quick responses from suppliers who can deliver - from all across the world. SAP Ariba Discovery supports retailers searching for products (buyers) and brands transforming their offerings due to the crisis (sellers - e.g. now providing protective equipment). Here is a 2 minute overview and an onboarding video
SAP On Demand Training Free products and services HR & Talent;Cybersecurity Provide valuable training to your teams looking for ways to cope with unexpected changes to their working environment. Many organizations have been forced to quickly implement remote working policies to protect the health and safety of workers, as well as the security of IT systems. Access free ready-to-watch video-based courses from our SAP Litmos Training Content library
Sophelle Free "New Normal" Retail Strategy & Planning Session Free products and services Store Operations;E-commerce Sophelle with work with each company to assess their unique situation and develop a strategy that best meets their needs. From that strategy we'll develop a tactical roadmap to best position the company to seize the opportunities and mitigate the risks.
Minuteman Press Interna... Bounce Back USA by Minuteman Press Free products and services Marketing;Small Business Bounce Back USA by Minuteman Press offers two free services to help support local businesses. First, we are distributing COVID-19 awareness and prevention posters at no charge to any business in our service areas. Second, we are providing free local advertising to stimulate business and help all of our neighbors overcome the tremendous economic effects of COVID-19. We truly believe that a rising tide will lift all ships, and we want to make sure our communities stay afloat. Our franchisees are local business owners who support local business. We are here to help bounce us all back together!
Amazon Web Services (AW... ZILKER DIGITAL TEAM OFFERINGS DURING COVID-19 Free products and services Supply Chain & Logistics Zilker is offering an Expert Design Review to evaluate your digital experience across 250 identified usability and heuristics and user experience best practices along with Web Analytics and Tagging Audit and SEO Review. Zilker is an AWS Retail Competency Partner.
Amazon Web Services (AW... ZILKER DIGITAL TEAM OFFERINGS DURING COVID-19 Free products and services E-commerce;Customer Experience Zilker is offering an Expert Design Review to evaluate your digital experience across 250 identified usability and heuristics and user experience best practices along with Web Analytics and Tagging Audit and SEO Review. Zilker is an AWS Retail Competency Partner.
Amazon Web Services (AW... Peak.AI: Using data and ML to help you Free products and services Supply Chain & Logistics;Customer Experience Peak.AI and AWS promise to offer our help where we can make a positive difference - and say no when we can’t. We’ve listed some areas where data analysis can help you and your business, and if you’d like to discuss further, please complete the form and we’ll be in touch ASAP. Scenario planning SKU rationalization Supply optimization Demand forecasting Other data-driven insights (open to discussion)
Beekeeper Communicating With Your Retail Employees During a Crisis Webinars Store Operations;HR & Talent Learn how one of the largest Middle East retailers, Chalhoub Group’s 12,000 employees are communicating and managing operations across all of their brands, locations, and languages in this COVID-19 and post COVID-19 world.
Beekeeper Free 30 Day Employee Communication Platform Free products and services Store Operations;HR & Talent Company-wide communication is critical during a crisis situation. Our mobile-first platform for business continuity management can help you instantly connect and communicate with your entire team. Start using Beekeeper for free, plus get the Coronavirus Package premium suite free for 2 months.
Beekeeper Crisis Communications Checklist Research and consumer insights Store Operations;HR & Talent One of the most important actions that retail leaders can take in the event of a global crisis event like COVID-19 is to quickly implement a plan to communicate company-wide updates. That’s why we’ve prepared this retailer checklist of internal communication tips to help you effectively communicate with your team during a crisis situation. Retail Inventory Simulator Free products and services Supply Chain & Logistics;Merchandising - Inventory 4-Week Free Trial to Eligible Retailers Leveraging your readily accessible data and combining with insights from other markets, the Retail Inventory Simulator quantifies the budget necessary to exit your inventory and prioritize allocation. The solution is in use at major apparel retailers. Key features: • Understand your liability by OH inventory receipt date. Model scenarios for various sell-through rates, phased store openings, and average weeks to sell. • Adjust different levers of store openings, anticipated demand, and investment to drive desired sell-through rate. • Prioritize discounts against available budgets and remaining sell weeks to maximize financial impacts without excessive discounts.
HP, Inc. HP Business PC & Print Devices Cleaning Guidance Research and consumer insights Technology HP is dedicated to providing customers with market-leading business solutions that help them be innovative, productive and support their well-being. With public health concerns over the SARS-CoV-2 virus and COVID-19 disease, also known as coronavirus, spreading worldwide, HP wants customers to have the information they need to effectively clean HP devices and to assist customers in maintaining a healthy work environment.
HP, Inc. Customer & Partner Financial Relief Discounted products and services Technology A variety of relief initiatives aimed at arming its global channel partner community and end user customers to effectively navigate the operational and financial challenges associated with COVID-19. In addition to providing a variety of financing and leasing options for end customers, the company will offer short-term, market and country-specific incentives for channel partners. Offers will vary by geography and are dependent on partner eligibility.
HP, Inc. Free cybersecurity support Free products and services Cybersecurity To address potential cybersecurity risks for those working or learning from home, HP is launching a goodwill security campaign. In addition to offering tips and advice online, HP will be offering free customer webinars to help set up home offices securely. HP Sure Click uses advanced isolation technology to guard against embedded malware, ransomware, and viruses embedded in email attachments or malicious websites . HP is offering its HP Sure Click Pro version for free until further notice. This offer will be available for use for all HP and non-HP Windows 10 PC customers.
Planalytics Weather-Driven Demand Analytics Research and consumer insights Supply Chain & Logistics;Finance Planalytics, a NRF partner, provides weather-driven demand analytics which quantify the impact of weather on demand for products. These actionable insights help businesses plan, allocate, replenish, and report on the influence of weather. We are supporting NRF business to help them understand recent and upcoming weather impacts across products and markets/regions.
Stibo Systems Transforming Business with Master Data Management For Dummies Download your free copy today! Free book Technology;Other product categories This free guide, co-authored by Stibo Systems master data management (MDM) experts, examines the importance of MDM in helping companies improve the customer experience, drive more value out of existing systems and gain a competitive advantage. Readers can learn how MDM replaces costly manual methods of record-keeping and eliminates inefficient data silos. It also provides vital information for turning data into an asset businesses need to succeed. Although it’s written for beginners, the guide can help even MDM experts sharpen their skills - from mastering different data domains to enabling and empowering data transparency.
Steady Steady App Free products and services Technology;HR & Talent Steady is the leading extra income platform in the U.S. We've helped our 2 million Members make, on average, more than $4k per year in extra income. Due to COVID-19, members are facing unprecedented unemployment and reduction in hours. Through the Steady platform, Members can find local hourly, part-time, and work-from-home jobs; access financial resources needed to stabilize and maximize income such as $1,000 Steady Cash Grants deposited directly into your bank; and Membership Benefits such as free access to telehealth and telemedicine.
Blue Triangle Content Security Policy Manager Free products and services Cybersecurity Blue Triangle knows what challenges online retailers have had to ordeal during the COVID crisis. We thought hard about how we could support our ongoing mission to make the web a safer faster place during these tough times. Our response is to give NRF members a single page CSP free of charge from now until Dec. 31, 2020. Protect your customers at the most vulnerable part of their customer journey.
Axis Communications Cross Line Detection - Health and Safety Reminders Other resource Store Operations;Technology With Cross Line Detection you can set reminder’s for your staff to follow safety protocols and to wash your hands when entering an area. This application is set right on a Axis Camera and would be connected to a Axis speaker to play a pre-loaded audio clip. For Example: An employee enters the break room as he/she enters the room an audio clip plays over a speaker "Please Remember to Wash your Hands"
Axis Communications Curbside Pickup Other resource Technology;Customer Experience Retail has now become more focused on contactless sales. Axis has a (3) different options you can utilize for curbside solutions to eliminate any face to face human interaction Option 1 - License Plate Recognition solution Option 2 - QR Code solution for customer to scan at his arrival. This will require the Store to issue a code at the time the customer is done shopping online. Option 3 - Door Station activated by trip line on input calling the employee to start a two way conversation. Requiring the customer to provide an order number to proceed with the delivery.
Axis Communications Intercom Messaging - Audio Bridge Other resource Store Operations;Technology Looking to play a constant message over an intercom to remind customers to follow social distancing laws? With the Axis Audio Bridge you are now able to play an automatic message over all your speakers automatically. You can set a preloaded audio clip to play every 5-10 mins to play over all of your speakers.
Axis Communications Take Out Food - Using Doordash/Uber Eats Other resource Store Operations;Technology Looking for a way to fulfill Take Out Orders while keeping the restaurant doors locked? An Axis Door Station can be used to alert a staff employee a delivery driver has arrived. The Axis Door Station has a call button to send a notification to an Axis speaker or Audio bridge to play a pre-defined audio clip to announce the deliver driver has arrived and is ready for pickup. In addition to avoid the driver to press a call button. We could use our Face Detection ACAP to detect a face and trigger an alert the driver has arrived.
Axis Communications Queue Monitoring - Cash Registers Other resource Technology;Customer Experience Are you looking for an automated set reminder for customers to keep their social distance when waiting in line for a cash register? With Axis's Queue Monitoring ACAP you are able to configure a zone on on the Axis Camera between the cash register and the pre-defined tape on the floor. Once the the customer enters the zone a preloaded message will be used over a speaker to remind the customer to ""Please remember to stand 6ft apart until the customer in front of you has completed his/her transaction".
Axis Communications Loitering Alert - Keyless Entry Other resource Store Operations;Technology Do you want to be able to open the door to the back office without using your hands? Using an Axis door station a staff member can look into a camera and the door unlocks if they are on the authorized list.
daVinci Retail The Specialty Retail Article Series: A Guide to Financial and Assortment Planning Post-Covid-19 Research and consumer insights Supply Chain & Logistics;Finance This is a four part series for your merchandising staff, buyers and planners. First part is how to deal with the your current inventory stock. The second is how to deal with trends up to back to school. The third is planning for the holiday season. The Final series deals with how to start your Merchandise Financial Plan for 2021.
EXCEEDANT | Commercial ... COVID-19 RENT SOLTIONS FOR RETAIL TENANTS & LANDLORDS: Learn Effective Negotiating Techniques to Restructure Your Lease. Webinars Finance;Legal A Special Online Event offered for a limited time only. This online event is taught by Randy Airst, Esq. LLM, CEO at Exceedant and author of the important new book: RENT: COVID-19 to help the commercial real estate community in the current and post COVID-19 pandemic which has severely impacted millions of retailers, franchises, franchisees and shopping mall landlords across the USA. Mr. Airst has taught at prestigious organizations including: NYU, Johns Hopkins University, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
Digimarc Corporation Digimarc Barcode for Packaging Discounted products and services Store Operations;Technology Digimarc Barcode is an imperceptible data carrier supporting safe and easy touchless checkout. The machine-readable Digimarc Barcode can contain the same data as UPC/EAN symbols or carry similar information to QR and DataMatrix codes. Digimarc Barcode supports all forms of checkout, including scan-a-go and self-checkout. It also can be used to detect bottom-of-basket (BOB) items to prevent shrink.
Digimarc Corporation Digimarc for Connected Print Discounted products and services Marketing;Technology Digimarc for Connected Print seamlessly connects retail catalogs and large format materials, such as in-store displays, to digital content, promoting touchless engagement. Retailers can deliver social media, videos and offers directly to shoppers mobile devices, and better understand the effectiveness of print campaigns with unprecedented data about readers’ interactions. Pathr - Social Distance Score Discounted products and services Store Operations The Social Distance Score (SDS) gives retailers a powerful AI tool to help them open for business. Specifically, SDS allows retailers to understand how well their locations conform to social distancing guidelines, assess the proper occupancy of a space, and suggest actions that can be taken to improve traffic and social distancing. As a special for NRF members, will be offering a 50% pricing discount for the first 50 customers to help you accelerate opening for business.
KarmaCheck, Inc. Pre-employment background checks for immediate hiring. KarmaCheck delivers the industry’s fastest and most candidate friendly background checks. KarmaCheck is extending a 25% discount off all background check services to retail employers. Discounted products and services HR & Talent The retail industry is an essential cornerstone of commerce which has suffered extreme loss during these challenging times with COVID-19. KarmaCheck, an innovative provider of background check services for employers, believes in getting Americans back to work. We want to help retailers who are hiring now or will be re-opening their doors to bring displaced workers back into the stores, shops, and their places of work. KarmaCheck is extending a 25% discount off all background check services to retail employers with displaced workers. KarmaCheck delivers the industry’s fastest and most candidate friendly background checks. Schedule a demo at
Inspectorio Inspectorio Rise for COVID-19 health & safety monitoring Free products and services Supply Chain & Logistics;Technology In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, the world of supply chain that we knew and operated in has completely transformed, necessitating a new way of operating. In an effort to support and protect our business partners at this time, we are offering use of our Rise platform free of charge, to organizations to remotely implement and monitor vital health and safety guidelines for their partner facilities. This is not about Business. This is about being a part of an industry wide movement to protect people, and we are urging other companies to get involved.
Evolv Technology Reimagining Education, Commerce and Entertainment. Considerations for COVID-19 Reopening. Webinars Supply Chain & Logistics;Customer Experience Evolv Technology is hosting a webinar with Juliette Kayyem, former Asst. Secretary at the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security and current CNN analyst, who led the response to the H1N1 pandemic. She advises governors, CEOs, and other leaders on their plans for reopening and will share her expertise in crisis management using her Adaptive Recovery framework for managing recovery across a range of organization types. Questions:
Locus QuickStart Free products and services Supply Chain & Logistics;Small Business QuickStart is a self-serve lite version of the Locus product suite for startups and Small and Medium Enterprises, with a dedicated two-hour customer support service. The 2-month free trial gives access to limited features of Dispatcher(route optimization solution) and MotionTrack (fleet tracking, insights and analytics solution). One can also access Locus On The Road (LOTR) mobile application, with real-time tracking. Some default features of Locus QuickStart are: Distance and time-based optimization Fleet optimization State-of-the-art geocoding Machine Learning-powered algorithms for optimization Collection of electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) Predictive Alerts Planned vs. Executed view Planning and execution Insights
Castle Publications New Definitive Employer’s Guide on COVID-19 Issues Discounted products and services Legal;HR & Talent Authored by Attorney Richard J. Simmons of Sheppard Mullin, the Employer’s Guide To COVID-19 And Emerging Workplace Issues is the new go-to guide that helps employers across the country prepare to meet the challenges created by the "new normal." As the best forward-thinking resource in the country, it highlights the next phase of employment decisions that must be made when restarting businesses and reintegrating employees into the workforce. NRF members may use the coupon code NRF$100 to save $100 on this publication.
Blue Triangle Defend Your Site Against Cross Site Scripting and Other Supply Chain Attacks During COVID-19 Webinars E-commerce;Cybersecurity With more business than ever transacting online, cybercriminals are seizing the opportunity to capitalize. In this webinar industry experts will discuss how software supply chain attacks like Magecart introduce serious risk to your brand and your customers; and more importantly, what you can do about it. This is part two of a four-part webinar series on tag governance featuring special guests from F5 Networks.
Opterus Holler Free products and services Store Operations;Technology Opterus understands the need for a retail secure chat app where you control and own your data. Holler, powered by Opterus is a mobile social collaboration app built for retail teams to provide associates a familiar way for singular or group chats within their stores, districts, regions etc. It also allows for a company news feed of pictures, videos and status updates which can be liked or commented on by your associates. Opterus is pleased to offer Holler for free. Use it during this uncertain time to help provide seamless communication to ensure safety for your customers and associates.
Google Resources and insights to help your business through uncertainty Research and consumer insights Marketing;E-commerce Google’s here to help, no matter what’s next. Whether you’re a retailer or a brand, we’ve put together some useful tools, insights and resources to help you adapt to uncertainty, accelerate ecommerce and reboot your business.
Appriss Retail Appriss Retail research: COVID-19, Unemployment, & Retail Risk Research and consumer insights Store Operations;Loss Prevention & Security Appriss Retail's newest research focuses on retail risks arising from the new retail environment created during the COVID-19 pandemic. Asset Protection/Loss Prevention teams may need to consider a variety of risk mitigation strategies to ensure they will enhance customer satisfaction and meet revenue objectives as retail trading restarts.
Flatiron School Technical Retraining Discounted products and services HR & Talent We know that many employees’ roles and job categories are in flux right now, as companies are making rapid shifts towards digitization. Flatiron School works with companies to retrain select employees for software engineering, data science, and cybersecurity roles. Flatiron School has taught 1,000s of students and 93% of them receive job offers. We'd love to support internal mobility initiatives by helping empower your employees to transform their careers and break into tech - while staying with your company.
Boston Consulting Group... BCG COVID-19 Resources for Retailers Research and consumer insights E-commerce;Customer Experience - Actionable consumer insights; lessons from around the globe - Seeing around the corner, the advantage for retailers who act fast - Webinar series: opportunity unlocks for retail’s senior leaders
Esri ArcGIS Mapping and Data Discounted products and services Supply Chain & Logistics;Store Operations ArcGIS users are able to access the latest authoritative data about COVID-19 in the United States and in several countries. They are able to use that data, with their own store data to track the impact of the pandemic on their operations. Using local data they can create dashboards and interactive applications to communicate current status of stores and team members across to their stakeholders, team members and customers.
NeedToMeet, LLC NeedToMeet Free products and services Technology;HR & Talent NeedToMeet is a global provider of meeting scheduling software that allows individuals and businesses to find a time that works for everyone. NeedToMeet streamlines the time-consuming process of meeting administration, attendee polling, and scheduling any type of meeting via both online and mobile apps. It removes the hassles of lengthy email chains, time zone conflicts, and phone tag.
APG Cash Drawer Point of Sale Hardware Cleaning Guide Infographic Other resource Technology;Small Business The Point of Sale can be the heart of many retail and hospitality businesses. By implementing a routine cleaning schedule, you can help prevent others from getting sick by the spread of germs. Consider following this guide and clean your cash drawers often to help prevent the spread of germs.
daVinci Retail The Specialty Retail Article Series: A Guide to Financial and Assortment Planning Post-Covid-19 Research and consumer insights Supply Chain & Logistics;Finance 4 part series on Planning and Assortment planning needs for the remainder of 2020 and into next year. First/second part what to do with aged inventory. Third how to to plan for the trends of back to school and summer. Finally holiday and how to plan for 2021.
Deloitte Consulting LLP Payments Modernization and Optimization Method and Tools Webinars E-commerce;Other product categories Deloitte’s Cross-industry Payments Practice offers tools and methods to significantly accelerate retailers payments modernization and optimization, including selecting and moving to new processors and payment methods in a fraction of the typical time frame.
SupplyAI AspenCX - Automation for Omni-channel Post-Purchase Operations Discounted products and services Store Operations;E-commerce We've build AspenCX to work with online and e-commerce platforms to automate 90% of work required in customer shipping, returns and exchanges, driving more revenue and automating customer responses. With our platform, you'll be able to drive 5x more exchanges helping you retain more revenue and satisfied customers in your online and store operations (automated BOPIS & BORIS) If your focus in these times is to reduce service costs by 90%, we can help. We'd be glad to host a demo for your team
The Parker Avery Group Reconstructing Retail Webinars Supply Chain & Logistics;Technology The Parker Avery Group is committed to helping retailers and consumer brands navigate out of the current pandemic environment and position themselves for success in a post-COVID-19 world. We partnered with retail consultant and strategic advisor Joe Skorupa to provide a series of webinars, "Reconstructing Retail." Our goal is to provide retailers and consumer brands pragmatic advice they can immediately employ to ensure near-term viability and long-term success. We focused on managing inventory/supply chain, preparing the organization, outlining a near-term roadmap, and predicting demand. Webinar replays, blog transcripts (including Q&A), and presentation decks are available for free on our website.
Sterling Background Screening and Identity Services for Retail Other resource HR & Talent;Loss Prevention & Security Sterling provides background screening and identity solutions that help retailers stay up-to-date with the ever-changing retail landscape, build a scalable workforce, and manage loss prevention and potential workplace risks. Sterling's consolidated technology combines automation with the capabilities of artificial intelligence to optimize the accuracy, quality, and speed of background reports. Such a strategy enables Sterling to return 70% + of criminal record searches within one hour, and over 90% in one day or less. Our deep market knowledge and unrivaled client service empowers your business to make smarter, faster, safer hiring decisions.
Multimedia Plus INCITE - 3 months free & free setup Discounted products and services Store Operations;Customer Experience INCITE® is a mobile-first communications and training platform designed for the frontline. The platform offers immediate access to information and skills used to increase revenue, improve productivity and help create impactful engagements with customers. Live reporting of compliance visible by field managers.
Multimedia Plus INCITE - 20% Discount Offer Discounted products and services Technology;HR & Talent INCITE® is a mobile-first communications and training platform designed for the frontline. The platform offers immediate access to information and skills used to increase revenue, improve productivity and help create impactful engagements with customers.
RAPITAG GMBH rapitag IOT Discounted products and services Loss Prevention & Security;Customer Experience Safe up 50% on all new pilotstore for a contactless POS to reduce theft in a self checkout szenario. Reduce the risk of infection with the benefits of IoT, like measuring the customers in the store, the distance between your customers and how often a product gets touched and by whom! Send a notification to the supervisor through our automated algorithm.
Kodisoft Limited Free assessment on the digital transformation of your hospitality business. Subscription model of acquiring Interactive Restaurant Technology Free products and services Technology;Small Business Time-limited free service offered on all our interactive smart tables as well as a free assessment on the digital transformation of your retail hospitality business. Subscription model of acquiring Interactive Restaurant Technology that makes our interactive platform implementation much more affordable. Product delivery on DAP terms.  Please see our website and get in touch for more details.
Avatria Free Web Analytics Assessment Free products and services Marketing;E-commerce With eCommerce a major revenue driver during these times, it is critical to understand how your customers behave on your site and to use analytics data to your advantage. As part of our assessment, Avatria will audit your site and create a personalized report that provides you with insights and recommendations on how to improve upon your eCommerce analytics tagging and data collection capabilities.
SenSource, Inc. SAFESPACE Real-Time Occupancy Monitoring by SenSource Free products and services Store Operations;Technology Monitor and report on customers entering and exiting your facility with an easy to use, web-based occupant counter. Data can be collected manually with a handheld counter, automatically with SenSource's people counting sensors, or a hybrid of both. All data is written to the cloud based reporting platform for analytics and data. We are offering a Free 7 Day Trial for those interested in testing the service!
Innovative Office Produ... FlexShield Other resource Store Operations;Customer Experience This lightweight, freestanding solution will help maintain a physical barrier during person to person interaction. It allows you to safeguard your employees while still allowing face to face viewing with the quarter inch thick, clear polycarbonate construction.
Checkpoint Systems SmartOccupancy Other resource Store Operations;Customer Experience Checkpoint’s SmartOccupancy solution gives retailers real-time visibility of occupancy levels in their store. For stores that have imposed occupancy limits due to COVID-19, SmartOccupancy helps store associates and managers make decisions based on live data. The system's local and cloud-based dashboards are paired with various alarm and notification capabilities to create a fully seamless solution for occupancy monitoring.
Checkpoint Systems SmartTemperature Other resource Supply Chain & Logistics;Store Operations Checkpoint’s SmartTemperature solution delivers reliable alerts to high body temperature readings. The temperature measurement sensors utilize the world’s leading imaging technology and intelligent analysis algorithms, for fast and accurate readings. Utilizing AI, users can identify live, with visual indication, the temperature of those around them up to 3m away. SmartTemperature takes only the temperature on the face, minimizing false reads and respects the privacy of the individual.
CB4 COVID-19 Shopper Priorities and Experience Survey Research and consumer insights Store Operations We surveyed 1,108 shoppers in the US to learn how shoppers perceive their in-store experiences throughout the pandemic. This includes how well they feel that retailers are keeping them safe and rising to their needs during this unique and challenging time.
CB4 How Covid-19 is Changing Grocery Store Demand Webinars Store Operations The worldwide health crisis is altering supermarket consumer demand patterns from one week to the next in ongoing and unpredictable ways. Join Ben Nichols, CB4’s Senior Director of Customer Insights and Adjunct Professor of Data Science at Syracuse University, for an overview on how to gain greater insight into where demand is heading across your retail chain.
Checkpoint Smart Occupancy and SmartTemperature Other resource Store Operations;Technology Checkpoint offers innovative and affordable solutions to help you deliver a safer work and shopping environment. Temperature and Occupancy Management can be monitored, helping retailers open for safer business. With SmartOccupancy and SmartTemperature, you can set the maximum number of occupants allowed in store and prevent those with a fever from entering.
Branch Branch - Free Financial Wellness Benefit Free products and services Finance;HR & Talent Branch partners with retailers to support their workforce with a free financial wellness benefit that allows them to get paid after each shift without disrupting payroll processes. At no cost to the employer or employee, Branch's mobile application offers users a digital wallet backed by a zero-fee bank account, free instant access to earned wages, and auto-budgeting to help them manage their cash flow between paychecks.
AnyRoad AnyRoad Ahead - Appointment Shopping Discounted products and services Marketing;Customer Experience AnyRoad Ahead is the complete appointment shopping solution for large retailers and chain stores. With centralized admin tools, consumer grade UX and robust technology integrations, AnyRoad Ahead empowers retailers to generate appointments and insights at scale to optimize the retail experience. AnyRoad Ahead supports multiple use cases including basic footfall management, exclusive shopping hours, personal shopping, paid store services and regulatory compliance for contact tracing. NRF members can avail of AnyRoad Ahead at no cost through September 2020.
Fortinet Free Fortinet Cybersecurity Training Other resource Cybersecurity Cybersecurity professionals, IT professionals and teleworkers can take advantage of Fortinet’s complete self-paced curriculum of cybersecurity training courses at no cost, until the end of 2020. Courses cover everything from basic cybersecurity awareness training to advanced training on security-driven networking, dynamic cloud security, AI-driven security operations and zero-trust network access.
Narvar Narvar Simple Returns Free products and services Supply Chain & Logistics;Customer Experience Narvar wants to help support you at this challenging time by offering Simple Returns free of charge. It takes just a few days to implement and makes it easy for customers to return both online and in-store purchases. Give customers the convenience of processing returns with a simple self-service online portal, and reduce their anxiety with proactive tracking of their return package. You’ll benefit from reduced customer service contacts, visibility into what’s coming back and why, and avoid an influx of returns when stores re-open.
Narvar Narvar Insights Research and consumer insights E-commerce;Customer Experience COVID-19 is forcing retailers to rethink and transform their business strategy. With disrupted supply chains, doubled inventory lead time, physical store lockdowns, and changing customer expectations, retailers need to pivot and adapt to the current circumstances. We share trends, insights, and expert commentary from retail industry leaders to help you navigate through these uncertain times, such as benchmark data analyzed by Sucharita Kodali at Forrester, strategies from an operator’s perspective with Kelly Thompson, former Chief Merchant for and COO for, and planning for recovery with the McKinsey retail team.
Aura Vision Aura Vision - Live queue time and store occupancy Discounted products and services Store Operations;Customer Experience We can capture the number of people in your store at any given time, using just your existing security cameras - no new sensors are needed. We are giving this away for free for 3 months, as there are obvious safety uses in exposing this data to your visitors. Most of our clients are using this data to display a live occupancy figure on a screen by the store entrance, allowing customers to self-regulate their entry, so there is no need for an additional security guard, further saving on your operational costs.
Aura Vision Aura Vision - Social Distancing Alerts Discounted products and services Store Operations;Technology We can capture the distance between people in your stores, and detect when customers are too close to other customers, or when they are too close to your staff. We do this using just your existing security cameras - no new sensors are needed. With this you can alert your team in real-time if customers are within 6ft of each other or other staff members across any area of the store. Overcrowding heatmaps also help identify which areas have regular overcrowding to inform customer pathflow managment. We are giving this technology away for free for 3 months.
Aura Vision Aura Vision - Face Mask Detection Free products and services Store Operations;Technology Ensure your staff and customers are complying with the latest PPE guidance and government regulations in your region. Aura Vision's proprietary computer vision solution detects if face protection is being worn across the store, using only your existing security cameras. Free for NRF retailers for 3 months
Columbus Consulting Int... Managing Your MP&A Team Through COVID-19 Other resource Supply Chain & Logistics;HR & Talent Managing Your MP&A Team Through COVID-19 provides a management toolkit including guidelines for three key areas to consider, Develop and Communicate Strong Values and Beliefs, Model Your Plan of Attack and Mobilize the Team. COVID-19 sent unprecedented shockwaves through the retail industry, and every retailer will have to make major adjustments to "business as usual" if they hope to succeed. Learning from the past and leveraging these tips will help your business create a long-term merchandise planning and allocation strategy, mitigate future risk and prepare for whatever comes next.
MCMILLANDOOLITTLE LLP Pandemic Recovery Assessment and Support Discounted products and services Store Operations;Customer Experience Quick, high impact business assessment for retailers and brands to identify and prioritize short term vs long term actions to establish trust with customers, associates and suppliers/partners, rebuild traffic and get on the path to profitable growth.
Riskified COVID-19 Resource Center for online merchants Research and consumer insights E-commerce Riskified has been monitoring its data and is sharing its findings, analysis and insights in a series of free resources that can help online merchants understand changing consumer behavior.
Course5 Intelligence Course5 Discovery Discounted products and services Supply Chain & Logistics;E-commerce In the current crisis, the enterprises are looking for Sprinters rather than Marathon Runners to expedite the revival process and bring transparency and control to the Supply Chain Operations. At Course5 Intelligence, we are working closely with our E-commerce, CPG and FMCG clients and bringing the power of Automation, ML and AI to re-calibrate their incumbent models around Demand & Inventory Forecasting, Transportation & Logistics, and Sales & Distribution. To learn more about our revival packages and how Course5 Discovery can reset your value chain, you can visit our website and request for a demo of Course5 Discovery.
Kiosk Manufacturer Asso... Temperature Verification Kiosks Discounted products and services Technology;Customer Experience We have multiple temperature check solutions that our members are delivering to clients. Included are basic temperature screening only, to more complex solutions for recording credentials and more. We can extend 10% discount to NRF customers. US and International support.
Prodco Analytics Prodco Live™ Other resource Technology;Other product categories Prodco’s real-time occupancy and monitoring solution for retail, supermarkets and buildings is designed to help organizations comply with social distancing guidelines and occupancy restrictions by automatically reporting on occupancy levels to ensure customers and staff have the required social distancing space to stay safe. Prodco’s occupancy solution combines automated counting technology, a web and app-based reporting dashboard, and real-time alerts: - Monitor real-time occupancy and social distancing - Ensure occupancy limits compliance with local government regulations - Scalable deployment to global locations - Compatible with most existing counting solutions
ProGlove ProGlove Connect Proximity Social Distancing Sensor Free products and services Supply Chain & Logistics;Technology ProGlove Connect Proximity is a free application that helps businesses across retail, warehousing, logistics, and manufacturing to adhere to physical distancing measures and adapt their operations with worker safety top of mind. Workers receive audible, optic LED light, and haptic vibration signals on their MARK wearable scanners when they are within a preset distance from other workers alerting them to observe social distancing measures taken by the company.
Multimedia Plus Free PPE Training Videos Free products and services HR & Talent;Loss Prevention & Security Our gift, please feel free to use. As we have been part of the retail community for more than 20 years, it’s our way of helping out in a way that we can. It’s critical to insure that as your stores reopen, associates are properly utilizing PPE for their safety as well as the safety of customers.
Givex 50% off new e-gift card program setup and 70% off setup for anti-fraud Merchant of Record service Discounted products and services Technology Givex's COVID-19 Relief Program Get 50% off your new e-gift card program setup including e-gift card site (custom template using our Customer WebSuite). Givex's Customer WebSuite allows digital and physical gift cards to be purchased by consumers directly from your website. To protect you against potential fraud, Givex is offering a 70% discount on setup fees for our Merchant of Record service using our Customer WebSuite. We take on the fraud and chargeback risk for gift cards sold through that site.
Kiosk Manufacturer Asso... Thermo Sensing Software with integration to backend systems Discounted products and services Technology;Customer Experience Protecting yourself, your staff, and other visitors and patrons from the spread of contagious diseases begin with identifying, quarantining, and treating infected individuals. TempDefend’s thermal sensor technology provides an accurate and affordable solution to alert individuals of heightened temperature (possible infection) status while protecting others in and around your facilities. 22MILES TempDefend can capture analytics that ensures your operational, compliance, and HR requirements (optional client consent). AI enabling of response customization, analytics, networking, and synchronizing of TempDefend anomaly alerts, as well as compliance logs for legal audit trails, are available.
Kiosk Manufacturer Asso... Software and hardware solutions for COVID Response by KMA Free products and services Technology;Customer Experience The Kiosk Manufacturer Association sponsors, members and working groups understand the pain and trouble that current companies are undergoing with business disruption. Many of these COVID specials are free, or discounted, or deferred payment. We share your pain. All hands on deck is a good motto. To help here are some COVID-19 specific solutions being offered, many of them free. THey range from Ecommerce, Digital Signs, Portable Digital Signs, Temperature Check Kiosks, Secure Endpoints for home corporate and footfall or customers-in-store count.
Google COVID-19 Retail Guide Other resource Other product categories Our guide for retailers and brands has the latest insights, tips, and Google Ads best practices for navigating your business in this dynamic environment. Learn how to manage your storefront as needs evolve, evaluate and adjust your marketing, and be there for your customers as they adapt.
Delivery Solutions Same Day Delivery & Ship From Store Discounted products and services Supply Chain & Logistics;Technology Delivery Solutions enables retailers offer to their customers a compelling same day last mile delivery experience by harnessing the coverage and the networks of all the major same day delivery providers in the nation. Delivery Solutions is connected to all major same day delivery providers in the nation like Doordash, Postmates, Shipt, FedEx same day, Roadie, Point Pick up etc. Platform also enables ship from store using providers like UPS, FedEx, USPS etc. Current Customers include major players in diverse verticals of retail like Office Depot, Total Wine & More, Sally Beauty, Michaels, Giant Eagle, Wakefern etc.
XRC Labs XRC Labs: Covid-19 tech resources for the retail and consumer goods sectors. Discounted products and services Technology A curated collection of tech solutions covering a wide range of business challenges presented by the crisis.
FIS FIS Retail Rewards Discounted products and services Technology;Customer Experience Retail Loyalty Rewards is a rewards program tailored towards retailers of any size or industry. With Retail Loyalty Rewards, retailers can promote their products, build their brand, and grow a loyal customer base to continuously visit their stores by offering deals, or promotions in store, via the web, or even a mobile app. Consumers can receive promotions through the consumer website or the mobile app to keep up to date with promotional offerings.
Chargebacks911 eCommerce, Fraud & Chargebacks in the Age of COVID-19 Guide Research and consumer insights E-commerce;Loss Prevention & Security eCommerce will never be the same following the COVID-19 outbreak. What short- and long-term risks do you face, and how can you protect your business and prevent loss? eCOMMERCE, FRAUD & CHARGEBACKS IN THE AGE OF COVID-19, the new free digital guide from Chargebacks911, offers insights that merchants and financial institutions need to stop losses, protect revenue, and emerge stronger than ever from this crisis. Download the guide and learn how COVID-19 is impacting the market, the hidden fraud and chargeback risks facing businesses, and how to adapt to the new normal.
FRCH NELSON The Connected Economy Research and consumer insights Customer Experience Retail in a Post-Pandemic World: Adjusting to the ‘Connected Economy’ In the last few years consumers have embraced a world that was heavily experiential, driven by an era of pop-up shops and Instagram-worthy selfies. Those experiences often seen as having more value than the product or service itself. Post Covid-19, retail brands will see a rapid shift in the way consumers engage, a new economy will emerge. Brands will need to quickly adjust to become more flexible and transparent than ever before. We can help retail brands adjust to this new normal.
FRCH NELSON (Re)dustrial Revolution Webinars Supply Chain & Logistics;Customer Experience A recent study showed that almost 9 out of 10 (87%) consumers are shopping online during COVID-19. This pandemic has accelerated the rate of e-commerce adoption. As forward-thinking retailers consider the future of their stores and service, they’ll need to identify innovation opportunities within their supply chains and service offers, taking inspiration from the industrial sector. Join us on Tuesday, June 2nd as we share insights on how to win the heated last-mile delivery battle.
Zebra Technologies Zebra SmartCount Discounted products and services Store Operations;Loss Prevention & Security Save 25% On Your Next Physical Inventory As retail relaunches under new safety guidelines, regaining visibility to in-store merchandise and re-establishing inventory accuracy is more critical than ever before. Zebra SmartCount provides easy-to-deploy, sanitized, physical inventory kits to help your teams quickly conduct full-store or partial inventories that are aligned with your own health and safety guidelines. Zebra delivers all the necessary equipment, web-based software, and support direct to your stores while providing your corporate teams complete online oversight. We can have you ready to count in days rather than weeks or months. Contact us here for offer details.
Ordergroove Subscriptions in the midst of COVID-19 Research and consumer insights E-commerce;Technology The rapid implementation of COVID-19 safety measures has meant that consumers are forced to reframe their lifestyle and shopping habits. As plenty of brick-and-mortar have temporarily shut their doors, Ordergroove has found a 40% enrollment increase in subscription programs across verticals. It’s more important than ever for buyers to obtain the goods they need in the safety of their homes. Check out our latest infographic detailing the industry trends and changes we’ve seen in subscription services, and what this means for US shoppers.
Bass Security Customer Service Experience Free products and services Loss Prevention & Security;Customer Experience As a small family-owned business, Bass Security offers retailers and restaurateurs customization and personalized service. We recognize our customers require agility and clever solutions in these unprecedented times and Bass has a proven record and national references attesting to our agility over the past 45 years. In addition to providing personal and customized service and solutions for our customers, Bass Security has further strengthened our supply chain commitments and is working with our suppliers to hold pricing for the products offered to our customers.
Schiff Hardin LLP Employment Law Landscape Other resource Legal;HR & Talent Businesses across the country are facing legal challenges as they grapple with how COVID-19 has impacted their operations, work forces, and supply chains. Schiff Hardin’s Coronavirus Task Force and Labor and Employment Group is publishing articles on of-the-moment issues facing businesses as they begin to re-open, transform their processes, and adapt to the new reality.
Persado PERSADO: AI-BASED CONTENT PLATFORM Discounted products and services Marketing;E-commerce Persado's AI platform unlocks a new lever of value creation by ensuring the right choice of words at every customer interaction. Persado is used by retailers to generate an average of 41% conversion rate lift across customer acquisition, CRM/promotional emails and all lifecycle marketing, retention, and loyalty programs. Now more than ever - words matter - and Persado's AI platform helps create the right content that balances empathy and performance when you need it most.
Crew Crew Free products and services Store Operations;HR & Talent Crew is a mobile-first platform for frontline teams that provides access to everything they need to perform their jobs successfully. That includes accessing their schedule, learning about company initiatives, and securely communicating with their teams. Crew provides a world-class mobile experience created with the frontline worker in mind, providing an app that’s safe for employers and loved by employees. For the employer, Crew provides a direct link to the frontline -- a place to push important information as well as gather insights from employees who interface directly with customers each day.
Increff Increff IRIS SaaS, Increff ASSURE Other resource Supply Chain & Logistics;E-commerce ASSURE is arguably the world's simplest and most accurate warehouse management system along with fastest inventory and order syncing, which enables brands to sell every single piece of inventory across all online and offline sales channels simultaneously. IRIS is an end to end merchandising platform helping merchandisers take pre-season and in season decisions like what, when and how much to buy and where to showcase inventory via 100+ customizable patent pending algorithms designed specifically for fashion and lifestyle business.
NextSCM Solutions Pvt L... Increff Assure Free products and services E-commerce;Technology Assure (world’s simplest and most accurate warehouse and order management system) which enables brands to showcase every single piece of inventory across all sales channels (online and offline)
NextSCM Solutions Pvt L... Increff IRIS SaaS Free products and services Store Operations;Technology IRIS is an intelligent merchandise planning platform that 1. Identifies top-sellers 2. Computes ideal store assortment (in right size ratios) 3. Splits target revenue into merchandise demand 4. Automates inventory distribution from warehouse to stores All of that - in only a few seconds
Vayyar Vayyar Retail Analytics Sensors Discounted products and services Store Operations;Customer Experience Vayyar's retail analytics sensors help increase sales and improve store operation. Affordable and simple to install, our sensors monitor shoppers and products, providing important data. Count and track people, understand shopper conversion and dwell-time and monitor inventory levels. Our software displays your KPIs on an intuitive dashboard with features including store heat-maps and benchmarking tools. Best of all, our sensors do not use any cameras, so your customers' personal information is kept private (GDPR and CCPA compliant). We use unique RF sensor technology that's safe and accurate. In these challenging times, Vayyar helps you know more and sell more.
ActiveViam atoti Free products and services Marketing;Technology atoti free community edition is a tool to explore data in Python notebooks and share your findings with others. Users can analyze and combine data from various sources, generate analytics and insights, visualize in tabular or graphical forms and publish dashboard views for collaboration. There are examples in the notebook gallery including how a retailer can achieve a better price perception from its customers, while keeping or even slightly increasing its margins.
N.A.bld N.A.bld Free products and services Supply Chain & Logistics;E-commerce Facilitate small batch, quick turn production and connect with a network of vetted no-minimum apparel manufacturers across the USA through N.A.bld. Platform enables just in time fulfillment and sustainable inventory free retailing through preorders by sending consumers real time updates as their products are made. Streamline your DTC strategy without the inventory risk. Free two week trial and on-boarding.
NS8 INC. Free 30-Day Trial - NS8: Fight Fraud with Intelligence Free products and services Loss Prevention & Security;Cybersecurity NS8 is a comprehensive fraud prevention platform that combines behavioral analytics, real-time scoring, and global monitoring to help businesses minimize risk. Its patented scoring technology provides actionable data about the type, quality, and trustworthiness of transactions, which businesses can leverage to automate fraud management workflows to suit their individual needs. NS8 also offers supplemental data through third-party extensions as well as seamless integrations with industry-leading ecommerce platforms that enable businesses to begin fighting fraud within minutes.
JRNI JRNI Forward Other resource Technology JRNI Forward is a product suite designed to help retailers reopen safely while maintaining social distancing best practices, and offers exactly the tailored solutions you need to thrive during COVID-19 - and beyond. Key features include remote appointments and virtual events, footfall management including occupancy management, bookable visit times and live virtual queuing to minimize wait times, and click and collect. The solution enables retailers to manage in-store traffic, wait times, sanitization breaks, and remote appointments to provide superior and safe service.
Worldlink Integration G... Comply & Confirm Free products and services Store Operations;Customer Experience As restrictions ease and stores start to re-open, chain retailers must ensure that each store is meeting the guidelines set locally. For chains with stores in many different jurisdictions, this is not an easy task. By leveraging Comply & Confirm, retailers can crowd-source real time data to confirm compliance with local health/safety guidelines at each location. Consumers can respond to questions surrounding areas such as mask/glove utilization, sterilization practices, signage, occupancy counts and more, from right within their favorite retailer's app. (**this is a LiveShopper/Worldlink partnership offering**)
FourKites Supply Chain Map with Real-Time Data - Free Ocean Tracking & Network Visibility Pilots Free products and services Supply Chain & Logistics Free supply chain map with real-time data on global border crossing delays, port congestion and state / city level details on supply chain volumes and dwell times. Also, free tracking pilot for ocean freight.
Columbus Consulting Int... Location Planning Tool Free products and services Supply Chain & Logistics Location Planning functional integration along with new data inputs will be more important than ever to understand and keep up with customer behavior and demands. This excel solution can be used by teams that have location planning in place as well as those that are new to planning by location. The tool will establish a location plan in a quick and efficient manner by developing baseline location sales using historical data, trends and ramp-up factors. The tool will allow for phased store openings and multiple store profiles.
Columbus Consulting Int... Missing or Skewed Sales Tool Free products and services Supply Chain & Logistics Sales data by store was impacted prior to store closing, during closures and after re openings. This solution will support populating missing or skewed sales data needed for allocation and replenishment systems. The solution will initialize historical base, allow for phased store openings and incorporate trends.
Neovation Learning Solu... 40% Off OttoLearn Agile Microlearning Enterprise CORE Plan Discounted products and services Store Operations;HR & Talent Protect your team so they can safely serve your customers - ensure staff engage with your new safety-protocols training. OttoLearn understands the challenges you face as a retailer to restructure your front-line training initiatives. We makes it easy to update your evolving training curriculum, and measure information retention. Let us help you - our full-service Enterprise CORE program is a step-by-step plan for training reinforcement success. We’re here to be your partner in training. Start the conversation before June 30 to qualify for a 40% discount on OttoLearn Enterprise CORE - your best choice for retail-ready training.
Neovation Learning Solu... Free! The MicroLearning Platform Buyers Guide Other resource Store Operations;HR & Talent Looking at adding microlearning to your current training plans? Microlearning helps focus your team on knowledge retention and delivers measurable outcomes. Compliance to new safety protocols and training initiatives is critical for the safety of your workers and customers. The right microlearning platform will deliver focused short-form training and measure training engagement and outcomes by closing your team’s knowledge gaps. Download our Microlearning Platform Buyer’s Guide to help you identify what you need to consider when adding microlearning to your training mix, and what microlearning features are most important to successfully achieve your training outcomes. LUMOplay Interactive Digital Signage Software Discounted products and services Marketing;Customer Experience Create touch-free interactive experiences for your business. Increase your store capture rate and entertain customers waiting in line to decrease lineup abandonment. Touch-free interactive floors and walls are a hygienic way to engage customers with your brand. Code-free content creation tools allow you or your agency to easily create and remotely publish branded/custom games and effects.
Appriss Retail Sell More, Lose Less During #RetailRecovery Research and consumer insights Store Operations;Loss Prevention & Security This short ebook identifies six focus areas to help retailers increase revenue while protecting stores when reopening.
MishiPay MishiPay Discounted products and services Technology MishiPay is a mobile self-checkout solution that enables shoppers to use their own mobile phone to scan and pay for their shopping. This facilitates immediate purchase and eliminates the need to queue at a checkout or interact with any store hardware.
FIS FIS Pay Card with Pay Out Discounted products and services Finance As a leader in the prepaid space, FIS continues to lead with the latest technology and options that will help our clients in today's market and designed to support tomorrow's innovation. Pay cards offer businesses and consumers a secure, convenient alternative to paper checks. This is a turn key alternative with fast set up and seamless ordering. With the addition of Pay Out, employers/employees have a quick and instant access to tips and earned unpaid wages increasing employee retention and satisfaction, while reducing costs.
SAS Digital Customer Insights Free products and services Marketing;Technology As online shopping surges during the COVID-19 crisis, new patterns in customer behavior are emerging for nearly every brand. To meet the industry’s need for managing radical changes in marketing strategy and the customer experience, SAS is offering free analytic insights for 90 days.
ShopperTrak ShopperTrak Global Coronavirus Traffic Trend Report Research and consumer insights Store Operations;Customer Experience ShopperTrak understands the need for the public to monitor broader retail traffic trends during the current COVID-19 pandemic. To help in this task, we are providing a weekly reporting that brings together the latest counts of confirmed virus cases with traffic trends for the corresponding time periods. Please click the link to sign up for this weekly report.
CEMOSoft, LLC CEMOSoft Customer Experience platforms : "CEM", "CEMO", "BD7" and "O'Kiosk" Free products and services E-commerce;Customer Experience CEMOSoft deliver Customer Experience platforms for Retailers. (1) "CEM" allows retailers to engage customers with mobile phones and gather customer insights, give reward and build big data. (2) "CEMO" allows retailer/brands in-addition show advertisement to position new sales and engage omnichannel (other stores, manufacturing, QA) to improve customer services. "O'Kiosk" allows customers to lookup items, place order, schedule pickup. Local store team can manage product-skus (picture, price, description) real-time, dynamically anytime, anywhere. O’Kiosks offers no-touch, no-contact extends and expands retailer presence in addition to Online, APP, Physical store. Implement yours "CEM" or "CEMO", "BD7" in hours and O'Kiosk in 1-day.
Karrot Customer Engagement & Loyalty Program Free products and services Customer Experience Creating and sustaining customer engagement is paramount. Karrot will help you to provide meaningful experiences both in and out of store and add to your relevance to the consumer. Whether you are a retailer or manufacturer, we will conduct an initial loyalty and engagement analysis, create a customized loyalty framework, provide you a platform that will run for free until the end of 2020.
Fashion Tech Consortium Access to Retail Technology from global innovators solving key problems and helping brands and retailers make the digital transformation needed to compete favorably in today's marketplace. Free products and services E-commerce;Technology Solutions provided for: Supply Chain, Business Intelligence, Visualization (AR/VR/3D), eCommerce and within Physical Stores.
StoreForce Webinar: Reopening Insights and Experiences from Leading Specialty Retail Brands Webinars Store Operations;Customer Experience StoreForce Specialty Retail Clients Shawn Higdon, VP Operations at Shoe Palace, and Marie-Soleil Tremblay, SVP Operations and RPI at Groupe Dynamite, share their experiences and learnings from their store reopenings in a live panel discussion. In addition, StoreForce President, Dave Loat, share exclusive insights and critical trend data on North American Specialty Retail stores that have reopened. Now more than ever, retail leaders and their staff are adapting and managing change on the fly as they build back their businesses. There are fantastic success stories to share, as well as lessons learned along the way. StoreForce is here to help.
SPLICE Software Retail Fast Pass™ Other resource Store Operations;Customer Experience With the SPLICE Retail Fast Pass™, you get the certainty you desire by creating an experience that is safe for your customers, your employees, and your sales - We use every digital channel to let your customers know you are open for business and scheduling appointments. - We send personalized links to your best customers so they can book a time to shop in-store, receive a virtual tour, or pick up product in a safe, socially-distanced way. - We provide forward-looking reporting, reminders, and confirmations to give you certainty and set you up for success.
SAS Institute Inc. SAS Retail & CPG Cloud Analytics Quick Start Discounted products and services Supply Chain & Logistics;Other product categories The Retail & CPG Cloud Analytics Quick Start environment is a suite of SAS analytics software that can help you chart your course forward during the COVID-19 pandemic. SAS will deploy our leading-edge intelligent planning, demand forecasting, and other retail and consumer goods analytics capabilities into your cloud. You supply the data, and we'll get you up and running quickly. To remove procurement barriers, SAS is offering 90-Day ‘fee waived license’ for a rapid start.
SoftServe In-Store Social Distancing Solution Free products and services Store Operations;Customer Experience The SoftServe In-Store Social Distancing Solution enables retailers to provide a secure environment for both customers and employees. Retailers must quickly adapt and transform to drive engagement and optimization of in-store experiences. Companies can quickly scale and configure the cloud-based solution based on current business needs and goals. The solution features people counting, queue management, customer flows, temperature detection, and much more.
Coresight Research Coresight Research Coronavirus Insights Research and consumer insights Other product categories Coresight Research provides ongoing coverage of the coronavirus outbreak. We discuss the potential economic impact of the outbreak and its implications for global retail. These reports outline which companies are exposed to risk, report on store closures and highlight key developments in different sectors-including travel and e-commerce. Find our regularly updated Coronavirus Tracker too!
Luminoso Technologies, ... Free analysis of customer or employee text data Free products and services HR & Talent;Customer Experience Luminoso builds text analytics applications for data like product reviews, survey responses, and support tickets. Powered by leading natural language understanding, our products analyze text natively in 15 languages. To support retailers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Luminoso is offering retail professionals a free demo and initial analysis of customer or employee feedback data. Retailers will walk away from this discovery session with a deeper understanding of their chosen dataset and immediate, actionable insights. Contact us today to schedule your analysis.
ThirdChannel, Inc. ThirdChannel Retail Safety Auditor and ThirdChannel CertSafe Rep Network Discounted products and services Store Operations;Technology ThirdChannel’s mobile auditing system, Retail Safety AuditorTM, simplifies how retailers can conduct comprehensive store safety audits and act on in-store safety-related data gathered in real-time. Ensuring a safe environment for workers and shoppers mitigates health risks, and also provides a defensible audit trail to reduce business and legal risk. Built on the latest CDC and state COVID-19 guidelines, audits are conducted by authorized in-store personnel or ThirdChannel CertSafe RepresentativesTM, a specially trained division of ThirdChannel’s vast network of retail reps. As audits are completed, each store is scored instantly and dashboards make it easy to pinpoint safety hotspots to address.
FedEx Services BigCommerce offer with FedEx discounts 50/40/25 Discounted products and services E-commerce FedEx and BigCommerce have joined together to help you get your business online and your product in customers' hands - fast. New to FedEx and BigCommerce? Get your first four months free with BigCommerce and gain access to their powerful e-commerce tools and resources. Next, open a free FedEx shipping account to receive up to 50% off shipping.
CDW CDW Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Other resource Store Operations;Technology Looking to reduce expenses to make payroll, pay debts, and regain your financial strength? CDW can help with Telcom Expense Management (TEM) systems. Within 2-4 months, receive credits to overall telecom spend and lower telecom bills moving forward.
CDW CDW Infrastructure Management Other resource Technology;Other product categories RESTORING INFRASTRUCTURE: IT RECOVERY SERVICES CDW provides the following services to help organizations bolster their IT operations to protect data, save costs, and operate more efficiently with less staff: - Data Security - Staffing Services - Cost Reduction Services
CDW CDW Retail Products, Software, Solutions, Services Other resource Store Operations;Technology CDW Retail Technology Solutions: Retailers need to leverage the power of comprehensive retail solutions and the latest innovations in digital technology, store connectivity, and analytics to stand out in the market. CDW offers innovative retail IT solutions that deliver shopping experiences today’s customers demand. Some examples of our offerings include Retail IT Security, Store Connectivity, Visual Solutions, Digital Transformation for Retail, Retail Analytics.
Course5 Intelligence Course5 Compete Discounted products and services E-commerce;Customer Experience Course5 Compete is an AI-driven Competitive Intelligence platform that provides product-level analytics, and insights on 5Ps (Product, Price, Promotion, Place and People) through real-time market data synthesis across multiple competitor & etailer websites and consumer forums. These actionable insights on competition can be delivered on the platform via configurable, intuitive dashboards; or via voice enabled insights for decision makers on the go. We are proud to share that Course5 Compete has been featured as a leading solution in Forrester’s New Tech: Market & Competitive Intelligence (M&CI) Solutions Landscape Overview report, Q1 2019.
Bosch Security and Safe... Bosch Dynamic Employee Notification Intelligence (DENI) Software Application Free products and services Store Operations;Loss Prevention & Security DENI is a simple occupancy management software tool that combines with off the shelf technology to improve customer and employee safety by counting the total number of people in a store. The DENI software application calculates store occupancy using video analytics data from Bosch FLEXIDOME IP panoramic camera(s) installed at a store entrance/exit that count the number of people entering and leaving. The DENI tool provides local real-time store occupancy notifications, such as a display on a public view monitor at the entrance that turns green when the number is below a pre-defined occupancy or red when above maximum occupancy.
SPS Commerce Inventory & Distribution Management Playbook Research and consumer insights Supply Chain & Logistics;Technology Due to a lack of data and inventory visibility from trading partners, most buying organizations don’t have a complete picture of what goods will be arriving at the DC, or when they are arriving. Without data regarding inbound shipments, retailers often have staff dedicated to manually opening, counting, unpacking and redistributing goods. This makes it impossible to develop a realistic staffing plan and leads to excess spending or delayed order processing. Download our playbook to learn more.
SPS Commerce Order Management Playbook Research and consumer insights Supply Chain & Logistics;Technology Without the right data from trading partners, buying organizations can’t tell if there is a problem with an order until it is too late. Because buying organizations don’t have the insight they need on order statuses, many of them often hold more inventory than they actually need to prevent running out of stock, hire additional staff to contact their trading partners to manage order updates and guess about how much open-to-buy budget they actually have. Download our playbook to learn more.
SPS Commerce Free Supply Chain Management Consultation Research and consumer insights Supply Chain & Logistics;Technology Retailers today lack the necessary data needed to make essential business decisions - proactively. Instead, they are making decisions based on gut, historical trending, and email conversations versus actual current state and make decisions that affect the business negatively. Today, more than ever, it’s important for retailers to address these challenges head-on and drive change within their organization and their supplier community to get the data and insights needed to make informed, accurate decisions. Contact us today for your free supply chain management consultation.
FIS FIS Retail Rewards Discounted products and services Customer Experience;Other product categories FIS Retail Rewards is a loyalty program tailored towards retailers of any size or industry. With Retail Rewards, retailers can promote their products, build their brand, and grow a loyal customer base to continuously visit their stores by offering deals, or promotions in store, via the web, or even a mobile app. Consumers can receive promotions through the consumer website or the mobile app to keep up to date with promotional offerings.
McFadyen Digital Online Grocery for the Next Normal Research and consumer insights E-commerce The recent pandemic-related demand for online grocery ordering for pickup and delivery is likely to lead to long-term changes in both buying behavior and buyer's digital expectations. Almost overnight, digital grocery revenue went from only 4% of total to more than 15% and rising. Take a look at what's now, what's next, and how grocers can rapidly evolve their online buying experience to meet the demands of the next normal.
Capango, Inc. Capango Discounted products and services HR & Talent Capango has spent the past two years envisioning a new model for recruiting hourly labor and has created the simplest, fastest platform available in the country. With the ability to match candidates with AI in milliseconds and built-in contactless video-interviews, Capango can help retail organizations staff with unpresented speed and confidence. Our Back to Work special offer for retailers provides free job postings and reduced usage fees through September 30th, 2020.
STANLEY Security WHITEPAPER - The Future of Security: A Look at the Technologies Propelling Us Forward Research and consumer insights Loss Prevention & Security;Cybersecurity The world has changed. Your world has changed. Securing your future is more important than ever and knowing what technologies can help you drive your business forward is critical. Central to this is your ability to ensure the health, safety and security of your employees and visitors. Download our white paper to learn more about the technologies that should be central to your security strategy for the duration of 2020 and will be fundamental in helping you navigate new challenges in the future.
BigCommerce Try BigCommerce for 3 months free Free products and services E-commerce Ready to launch your business online? Take your business online in record time-all with the backing of our powerful ecommerce tools and expert support. Start now, and try us out with 3 months free.
Workplace Arcade Get up $20,000 in Employee Incentives Free products and services Marketing;HR & Talent Arcade has committed to match up to $5 million toward employee incentives for eligible small businesses. The program is designed to put money in employee’s pockets, boosting morale and productivity after the economic struggle of the market shut down. Eligible businesses will receive up to $500 per location or a max of $20,000 per company towards employee incentives.
Reflexis Systems Reopening Essentials: Top Tips from Essential Retailers Research and consumer insights Store Operations;HR & Talent As non-essential retailers begin to reopen their doors, they are facing a lot of uncertainty and unprecedented challenges. However, their essential retail peers are already trailblazing a path forward through these challenges. We’ve compiled ten top tips from our essential retail customers based on their experiences so far, to help guide the reopening and recovery process.
X and Alpha, PPE Market... PPE sourcing Other resource Supply Chain & Logistics;Other product categories We help retailers get verified, Covid-appropriate PPE to use and to sell. Inspired by Hospital Group Purchasing Organizations, we offer NRF retailers the option to aggregate orders based on geographic locations. This allows suppliers to move necessary volumes, and NRF members to capture volume discounts on both PPE and logistics expenses. Over 50 verified suppliers have listed over 200 million masks, 3 billion gloves, and more PPE on our online marketplace.
Sitoo High on stock & low on cash? - Now is the time to be ready for what comes next. Other resource Store Operations;Technology We know from talking to our existing customers, many plan to take on additional space to help not only convert stock into cash, but to support the re-setting of their stores with the right seasonal offering. We can help you scale up your retail capacity and make you ready to sell in 7 days.
Sitoo Why embracing Unified Commerce is essential for retail success in a post-COVID-19 world Other resource Technology;Customer Experience Retail has faced an onslaught of challenges which escalated towards the end of the decade and now COVID-19. The worst thing to do in a crisis is to panic, it’s the time for action. The retailers who survive this are those who are prepared to innovate, have an investment mindset, and commit to creating a consistent experience across all their channels for their customers. Our free guide will explore the biggest challenges facing retail right now and look at how Unified Commerce can help retailers survive & thrive and much more.
IBM Covid Day 2 Recovery. Let's Build! Webinars Supply Chain & Logistics;Customer Experience Welcome to "Let’s Build"! Our inspiration for this digital series comes from two places. First, the work of consumer industries that are facing an environment like never before. We are seeing people at their best, stepping up to take care of your employees & customers, reopening stores, and making, distributing and selling essential items & services. Second, the incredible potential of technology to drive digital transformation that will make retailers, brands, hospitality and travel businesses be more resilient today and in the future. We've gathered experts from IBM and our clients to discuss a variety of topics.
ThirdChannel, Inc. ThirdChannel Retail Safety Auditor and CertSafe Representatives Network Discounted products and services Legal;Loss Prevention & Security Retailers are seeing discipline slip quickly as they struggle to monitor that their stores are safe for shoppers and employees. This easy-to-use mobile auditing system provides a defensible audit trail for safety monitoring. Use it to conduct comprehensive store safety audits and act on in-store safety-related data gathered in real-time. As audits are completed, each store is scored instantly and dashboards make it easy to pinpoint safety hotspots across stores. A CertSafe score can be posted at store entrances, employee breakrooms or other locations to provide assurance that each location is actively working to maintain a safe environment.
American Express Small Business Tools and Resources Other resource Technology;Customer Experience American Express launched "Stand for Small" , a platform of now more than 60 companies across media, technology, consumer goods, professional services, and many other industries, that have come together on one digital platform to provide meaningful support to small businesses as they navigate the impacts of Covid-19. Through Stand for Small, small businesses can more easily discover and access valuable offers, tools and resources from coalition partners as they work to reduce their operating expenses, manage their teams remotely, enhance their digital capabilities, and address other needs during this pandemic.
American Express Curated Content and Insights Research and consumer insights Technology American Express recently launched an always-on resource hub where you can find curated content from industry experts. The Merchant Content Hub offers insights and educational resources that can help you attract and retain customers, streamline your operations, and discover new trends. Additionally, you'll also find access to webinars, articles, videos e-books and special offers, all for free.
Optoro UPS Webinar: Preparing for Holiday Returns During the Coronavirus Webinars Supply Chain & Logistics;Technology This is a webinar that Optoro (a complete returns technology provider) and UPS will be hosting to talk about retailers should do during the holiday returns season, knowing that COVID-19 will present further complications.
Optoro How COVID-19 Altered Consumer Behavior and Retail Returns Research and consumer insights Supply Chain & Logistics;Customer Experience This is a data report focused on the results of a consumer survey of over 2000 US consumers. We asked consumers how COVID-19 has changed their returns habits and how that affects retailers' operations.
American Express Shop Small® Spend Offer Discounted products and services Technology;Customer Experience American Express launched a NEW Shop Small Spend Offer, offering American Express® Card Members who spend $10+ directly at an eligible small business, $5 back as a statement credit, up to 10X after they shop in-store or online.* Spread the word and encourage your customers to enroll by 8/23/20 and spend by 9/20/20. Visit to download your toolkit if your business is eligible for the offer. Eligibility can be verified by updating or adding your business to the Shop Small Map. With website badges, social assets, and in-store posters your Toolkit has everything you need to get the word out and encourage customers to shop.*Eligibility and terms apply. Learn more at
First Insight, Inc. First Insight's Fast Insight Package, Custom Demo Discounted products and services Technology COVID-19 has moved just about everything to Zoom, Skype or MS Teams - including product line reviews. Many retailers and brands are making key buy decisions for future seasons - or are deciding what current inventory to keep or write off - by viewing samples over video chat sessions. In 24-72 hours, the First Insight platform lets you get feedback from hundreds or thousands of customers, applies analytics and synthesizes the data into an easy-to-read dashboard. Your team can view the data together and make informed decisions - using the voice of your customer. First Insight's new Fast Insight package can help you get started within a week - guiding your most critical assortment and inventory decisions.
First Insight, Inc. Report: The Impact of Coronavirus on Consumer Purchase Decisions and Behaviors Research and consumer insights Technology Beginning in February, 2020, First Insight conducted a series of consumer studies entitled "The Impact of Coronavirus on Consumer Purchase Decisions and Behaviors." The results pointed to the impact of the virus over the course of two months on purchase decisions and shopping behavior across gender, geography and generation. Download the report to see how U.S. consumers' purchase decisions and behaviors evolved over the country's first Coronavirus peak.
First Insight, Inc. Dear Retailers: Just Stop, Take a Deep Break, and Listen Research and consumer insights Technology First Insight CEO, Greg Petro offers food for thought during a most challenging time in retail. COVID-19 has shaken retail's reality to the core. COVID is not a disruption, it's an accelerant. It has magnified and accelerated everything both the good and the bad. In order to adapt and succeed in the new retail market, retailers and brands need to accept and acknowledge what's happening in the environment, particularly with consumers. In today's new world there's a brand-new, constantly-changing consumer, and now more than ever retailers need to stop and look forward, not backward. With no reliable historical data, looking in the rearview mirror is no longer useful. There's no way to forecast your way out of this situation. The key to recovery is implementing Voice of Customer Analytics, strong data-driven product strategies, and strategic digital solutions. Understanding the "new" evolving consumers as they navigate this new world requires leadership to change their behavior to understand and keep up with consumers' constantly changing needs, wants, and points of view.
Optoro Three Magic Moments For Creating Loyal Customers: How Leveraging Returns Can Drive Growth This Holiday Season Research and consumer insights Supply Chain & Logistics;Customer Experience In our latest white paper, Optoro and Returnly outline 3 magic moments throughout the customer's returning journey that can be used to drive customer loyalty. In it, you'll learn: What makes a great returns experience and how to create one. How to improve returns processing to streamline the reverse supply chain.
American Express 20% discount on sustainable packaging and cleaning goods Discounted products and services Technology American Express has partnered on an offer with Emerald Brand, a supplier of sustainable packaging and cleaning goods. The offer is a 20% discount on all items that Emerald Brand has for sale, and in a world where takeout, delivery, and cleanliness are more prevalent than ever before, this allows for more affordable access to eco-friendly clamshells, utensils, cups, cleaning supplies, and other items. All U.S. merchants that accept Amex are eligible for this offer.

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